Custom 3D Bobblehead


Custom 3D print Bobblehead Personalized Photo, put your own picture

After you purchased, please send me the following message to my mailbox at
1. 3 Pictures, Full Face, Left, Right

2. The name that you would like to be printed on the bobblehead
3. Hair style choice either men hair choices or woman hair style choices as following:
Men hair style choices:

Woman hair style choices:

4. Body choice either from men body choices or woman body choices as following:
Men body choices:

Woman body choices:

5. Scene choices from the following:
From 6-11, you don’t need to answer if you choose not to paint.
6. Hair color choice from the following:

7. Skin color choice from the following:

8. Eye color choice from the following:

9. Shirt color choice from the following:

10. Skirt or pant choice from the following:

11. Shoe color choices from the following:

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